Top to Bottom Energy Saving Tips This Winter

As we head into the colder weather and sloppy precipitation that winter inevitably brings to our little corner of the world, it is easy to start worrying about things like driving in the snow, finding the cold weather gear and looking for ways to maintain heating efficiency in your home. Luckily, Morris Heating and Air Conditioning has an abundance of suggestions of ways to help you with that last worry – how to save energy this winter season.

  • Maintain Your Heating System – We recommend regular maintenance to keep your heating system operating efficiently. Just like you tune up your car, your heating system needs an annual check-up to make sure it is working in a way that will keep your family warm and cozy from now until the first signs of spring.
  • Request an Energy Audit – Contact the U.S. Department of Energy to request an energy audit of your home that can help you understand the whole picture of your home’s energy use. Our Comfort Advisors are well versed on Energy Audits and can tell you who to call depending on your municipality. Plus did you know that if you have an energy audit, you may be eligible for additional rebates on some heating and cooling systems, just for having the energy audit performed?
  • Use a Programmable Thermostat – Don’t waste money heating your home while you are at work or out for the day. Instead, call us to install a programmable thermostat. Schedule your home’s heat to a lower temperature when you are away or asleep and turn it back up when you are returning home or waking-up, and you are one step closer to saving money on your monthly fuel bill.
  • Use Nature – While the sun is at a 30 degree lower angle during the winter months it still can do a great job of heating rooms that are getting direct sunlight. Open those curtains when the sun is shining so you can let the sun naturally heat southern facing rooms.
  • Seal it Up – Keeping the heat in your home should be a goal of all homeowners. Cover drafty windows with weatherizing strips, caulking or possibly window treatments that stop your money from literally going out the windows. In addition to sealing up windows remember the spaces around utility pipes, under doors and the gaps around your fireplace.
  • Take a Peek in the Attic – Heat rises so check the location where heat desires to go – your attic. Inmost homes, one of the most significant areas of heat loss is through the ceiling and poorly insulated attics. Make sure your attic has a level blanket of insulation that completely covers the ceiling joists.

Looking for more energy saving tips? Morris Heating and Air Conditioning can also perform a free heating system evaluation where will review your current heating system. We’ll check for concerns regarding indoor air quality, allergy, humidification or dehumidification issues as well as do a thorough zone analysis.

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