How Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning Can Save You Money

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to save money whether it is by cutting coupons, shopping sales, limiting my credit card use or eating in instead of ordering out. I am also on the hunt for ways to save on my larger monthly bills like the mortgage, car payment and utility bills. Sometimes, however, it feels like the bills just keep stacking up.

While Morris Heating and Air Conditioning can’t help you with your car or house payments, we do have a way to possibly lower your utility bills so they don’t break the bank. Our solution is installation of Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning. This system of heating and cooling is growing in popularity due to the energy savings, ease of installation and heating/cooling efficiency. Wondering how a ductless system could save you money? Here are a few ways switching to a ductless system could put money back in your pocket!

Lower Installation Costs – Conventional central heating and air conditioning units require installation of ductwork throughout the home (or business). Ductless systems, however, require only wall mounted unit positioned in one or more rooms in the house and depending on the size of the home, one exterior unit. Thin tubing pumps running to the internal units make installation easier and more cost effective, not to mention, it typically only takes one day versus numerous days with the convention systems.

Reduction of Energy Consumption –

  1. Zoning – Ductless systems are designed so that each area of the home can be controlled. We call this zoning. For example, certain areas of your home, like bedrooms, may be used, mainly, in the afternoon and evenings. This means that the heat or air conditioning can be adjusted for proper usage in those areas. Each zone has its own thermostat thus making the system extremely budget-friendly.
  2. No Lost Energy – Homeowners who choose ductless don’t have to worry about the leaks and cracks that often occur in conventional ductwork. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that ductless heating and air conditioning can save homeowners up to 30% off their energy costs because they won’t lose precious energy due to improperly sealed ductwork.
  3. Energy Efficient – Did you know that ductless HVAC systems consume much less energy than their traditional counterparts? Ductless systems are smaller than traditional systems and therefore operate on less power. Less power translates into lower bills!

Rebates and Special Offers – Because of their Energy Star certification rating and excellent overall efficiencies, many ductless heating and air conditioning systems (like the widely recognized Mitsubishi mini split) come with federal and state rebates. Why not be rewarded monetarily for installing an efficient and cost effective ductless system in your home? To find out more about ductless systems click here or if you’re interested in a free estimate, call us at (978) 961-0338 or contact us here

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