Why You Should Service Your Heating System Regularly

Heating System

Being a homeowner means keeping track of all the things that keep your home running like appliances, heating, air conditioning, water, plumbing and electricity. It can be exhausting and sometimes tempting to take a break from it all. One area that you should be sure to keep in proper working order, that we care so much about here at Morris Heating & Air Conditioning, is your HVAC system. Regular maintenance should be performed to keep the system running smoothly, safely and efficiently – at the very least – once a year. Most manufacturers recommend servicing the HVAC system annually to troubleshoot for specific things like leaks, debris, contaminants, and efficiency. Here are some of the top reasons why you should follow the manufacturer’s advice and get your HVAC system a check up.

  • Warranties on your equipment could be voided or denied coverage if not properly maintained. Manufacturers suggest the annual servicing for a reason and often require that it is completed before a warranty is honored.
  • Maintenance should be conducted to ensure safety of the equipment, especially prior to the months when the system will be working its hardest (winter for heat and summer for air conditioning).
  • Regular maintenance will cut down on breakdowns when you need the system the most. Unfortunately, when HVAC systems get stressed during high volume times they can breakdown. That may mean being without heat or air conditioning at the most inopportune times. Last winter when we analyzed our “No-Heat” emergency calls, we discovered that more than 50% of those calls came from people who had not had their annual heating system service.
  • Prevention of larger problems is a substantial reason to get your system checked. Spotting problems in a system before they become a bigger issue is extremely important.
  • Annual cleanings of your HVAC system can ensure that dirt, debris, allergens, and contaminants are free and clear from indoor air.
  • Like all heating and cooling systems, proper maintenance is key to efficient operation. The difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained HVAC and a severely neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%.
  • Finally, maintaining your system regularly means that your HVAC professional can spot leaks that may have otherwise gone unnoticed for months.

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