AC Repair or Replace?

AC System…Repair or Replace?

Making the decision to Repair or Replace your Air Conditioning System?

A few points to consider…

Age of AC System – One of the first things to consider when looking at whether to repair or replace your AC system is the age of the system. If your system is more than 10 years old, replacing it with an Energy Star qualified, high efficiency model could save you up to 20 percent on your cooling costs. Grab your electric bills, add them up and you’ll see a savings of 20% quickly adds up to real money.

Annual AC Repair Costs – How much are you spending every year on AC parts and AC repairs? Add in AC service calls because that’s a cost too. Your annual air conditioning maintenance (clean & check) should not be counted into this figure. Both old and new systems require annual service to operate at peak efficiency.

Electricity costs — Do you have to take a deep breath before you open your electric bill? It’s true, like taxes, electric bills seem to be rising every year and if your air conditioning system has been around for a decade or more, the simple fact is, it is not as energy efficient as the newer models. Replacing your AC system with a new, Energy Star model could reduce your electric bill by up to 20%.

Uneven Cooling – This isn’t a scientific test but just how comfortable are you in your home? Are you cool or even perhaps too cold in some areas? Maybe too warm in others? This is a common problem with older AC systems and often signals ductwork leaks, aging equipment and/or poor insulation.

Poor indoor air quality or excessive dust – leaky ductwork can pull dust from attics, crawlspaces and basements and circulate it throughout the home. Indoor air can be up to five times more pollutedthan outdoor air and an outdated AC system can add to the problem. Central air conditioning manufacturers now realize that consumers want more than just cool air out of their home comfort products. Air quality is top of mind and there are now a host of amazing products available for consumers in the market for a new AC system including the Pure-Air in-line system from Lennox for those interested in the highest level of air purification.

Incorrect sizing of AC System – Maybe you’ve added a sunroom or a bedroom, or perhaps your air conditioning system was not properly sized for your home in the first place. What does this mean? Sizing affects more that just cooling – it affects humidification and dehumidification as well. Which of course affect your comfort.

AC, Air Conditioning Rebates – These do change from year to year so in considering the list of factors of when to repair or replace, consider AC rebates. These can save consumers thousands of dollars in some cases. See our rebates page for AC rebates currently available in 2016. You may also want to consider ductless technology – AC and heat available in one unit and for most applications, easily installed in less than one day. Ductless rebates for 2016 are better than ever.

We hope you found these tips useful when considering, do I repair or replace my AC system. Please remember, the best way to evaluate this is call us and speak with a Morris Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Comfort Advisor. We’re the experts in this area and we’d be happy to help. We’ll give you our honest opinion and sometimes the answer is as easy is as, “Change your AC filter and you’re good to go!”

For a free estimate on a high efficient air conditioning system, dehumidification, air quality products or any of the tips above, please Call Morris Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at (978) 961-0338 or click here.

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