IAQ...Dirty Air Inside Your Home?


Most of us assume that the air we breathe inside our home or office is clean. In fact, it is estimated that indoor air, is often up to five times more polluted that outdoor air. In the heating and air conditioning industry we refer to indoor air quality or IAQ often because it is a big part of this industry. People know to call us for heating and cooling issues, but the the world of IAQ is still somewhat of a mystery. Poor indoor air quality can be caused by a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • A poorly maintained HVAC system — simply put heating and cooling systems which are not serviced regularly can circulate dirty air throughout a home.
  • Clogged air filters — Pollen, dust, and pet dander are the big culprits when it comes to clogging air filters — this is an easy fix. Be sure to change your air filters on a regular basis.
  • Humidification issues — if your home smells musty or feels too dry, you have an air quality issue which can and should be addressed. Humidification can not only affect the structure of your home, too much moisture can cause mold and mildew problems.
  • Improper ventilation – In a properly designed HVAC system, it is critical to circulate or ventilate the air to bring new fresh air in and remove, stale polluted air.
  • Biological pollutants including mold, dust mites, and bacteria can affect your IAQ. Additionally pollen and animal dander circulating throughout our homes also contribute to poor indoor air quality.
  • What is the solution? Solutions are varied and depend on a variety of factors including age of home, health concerns of occupants, and type of heating and cooling system currently in place. At Morris Heating & Air Conditioning, we have some excellent products available from simple plug in Guardian Air units to Lennox’s PureAir system for those customers who need the highest level of air purification.

If you want to know more about Guardian Air, check it out here https://www.youtube.com/user/rgfgroup

Indoor air quality can be challenging but there are many excellent solutions available. We will explore this important topic further in future blogs.

If you would like to speak with a Morris Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Comfort Advisor about an IAQ solution for your home, please call us today at (978) 961-0338 or https://morrisheatingandair.com/contact/

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