HVAC Contractor Hiring Tips

The HVAC industry is filled with some honest, hard working professionals. And a few who unfortunately not only cast doubt on the rest of us in this business, but who can put your family at risk by installing equipment in a manner which is not only unprofessional, but unsafe. Before you hire a heating and cooling professional, consider these important hiring tips.

  1. Hire only licensed companies. Any reputable company will be happy to provide a copy of their licenses when asked.

2. Ask how long any HVAC contractor you’re considering has been in business. This seems obvious of course but many people assume that if someone looks the part they’ve been around awhile. Not true. People change careers all the time. You wouldn’t hire a HVAC contractor to paint your house. Don’t assume everyone with a decent looking truck can install a ductless split. You get the idea.

3. Is this company you’re considering fully insured? Will they provide a copy of their insurance policy if asked? Insurance is expensive and if a company is reluctant to provide you with a copy of their policy, don’t choose that contractor.

Choose only a BBB Accredited Business

4. Are they members of the BBB and if so what is there rating? The BBB considers 16 different factors when giving a company their rating. You can go on to the BBB site yourself to check out a company. Pay close attention not only to the overall rating but to the BBB reviews posted by actual customers of the business. You can also see any complaints against the business, open and closed.

5. Does the company have a local office and how long have they been there? Do you want to talk to a call center (generally big-box stores) or would you prefer to deal with a small locally owned company.

6. Does the company offer 24 hour emergency service? Do you have to leave a message or is it staffed by live operators? An unanswered message won’t help you in the middle of the winter if you have no heat. Also — who covers this 24 hour service? Does this HVAC contractor sub out emergency service or cover the calls themselves? Go with the company who covers the calls themselves. They will be more likely to know the products they are servicing, saving you time and money. (At Morris we cover all emergency calls ourselves and every call is answered by a live operator)

7 Read their reviews. Whether it’s on Yelp, Google, Angie’s list or all of the above, read what customers have to say about the company you’re considering. Don’t necessary be afraid of one bad review because sometimes a customer and company just don’t mix, but be very wary of multiple poor reviews.

8. Ask how long they’ve been installing the product you are interested in and ask about training. We’ve seen some sad situations where customers have wasted thousands of dollars with contractors who were not trained to install the equipment purchased. At Morris we’re fully trained to install and service all major brands and as a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer and Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, there’s not a product in their line-up we don’t know inside and out!

9. When evaluating an HVAC contractor, if you forget every other tip, remember this one. Do not sign with someone who will not put their estimate in writing. Your estimate should spell out exactly what product(s) you will be receiving, what your warranty is, your requirements (because many systems do require that you service your system at least once per year to maintain the manufacturers warranty) and terms of the contract.

Rebates and Payment Plans

10. Financing options and payment plans. Heating and cooling systems represent a significant investment so being able to finance this purchase can make a big difference. Also ask about rebates for energy efficient products. Rebates have made a huge difference to consumers in the past few years. As systems have become more efficient, rebates have increased, resulting in thousands of dollars returned back to clients. The catch here is rebates change constantly and your contractor must stay on top of these changes for you to be eligible. For a complete list of 2016 rebates click herehttps://morrisheatingandair.com/specials/rebates/

At Morris Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re honored to work along side some great companies. We of course prefer to get the job, but we realize that sometimes it will go to another company. When that’s the case, we hope you use these tips wisely in choosing that company.

When considering these HVAC Contractor Hiring Tips, remember, “You get what you pay for and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” For a free estimate or if you simply have a question, give us a call at (978) 961-0338 or click here https://morrisheatingandair.com/contact/

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