Emergency HVAC Services

Murphy’s Law states that, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This adage is true for simple things like bread falling on the floor butter side up just as much as it is for more major events like losing heat in the middle of a blizzard. No one ever wants to think about a worst case scenario when it comes to emergency HVAC services, that’s why we have thought about it for you!

What could possibly go wrong at your home or business that would require emergency HVAC services? Given the ever changing weather of the Northeast region from brutally frigid winters to Sahara desert-like summers, the answer to that question is complex. HVAC units are generally very reliable and can go without any issues when they are maintained properly. However, when problems do arise, and they tend to happen at the most inopportune times, it is best to call a professionally trained technician who knows HVAC and has seen it all. At Morris Heating and Air Conditioning we have Live Operators who can take your emergency calls day and night, 24/7.

What are the common issues most likely to cause your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to break down? Number one — Lack of regular maintenance. In fact — 50% of our no heat calls every winter are from people who have not had an annual furnace cleaning. Same applies to our “no AC” calls. More than half the time, the issue can be directly attributed to lack of maintenance. Specifically we see things like refrigerant leaks, sensor issues, drainage problems and broken thermostats, to name just a few. With regular preventative maintenance on your HVAC system, many of these common problems can be avoided, saving you money and eliminating the need for additional costly repairs .

Some of the usual signs that you may need professional heating repairs include: unusually loud noises coming from your furnace, insufficient or uneven heating, unusually high gas or electric bills, heat or air conditioning that won’t turn on, strange smells or leaking of fluids. Every so often a system will fail without warning. Please be assured that if this happens the Morris Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning team will be ready to solve your heating and cooling issue. Our A+ Rated BBB team is ready to solve your heating/cooling issue. And remember no machines. There will always be a live person waiting to take your call in an emergency.

What are the most common HVAC emergencies?

  • Furnace not heating
  • Air conditioning not cooling
  • Ignition problems
  • Blocked intake
  • Burning smell or smell of gas
  • Water pouring through ceiling
  • Loud grinding noise (can lead to motor failure)

No matter what the cause or symptoms, Morris Heating and Air Conditioning can evaluate your problem and quickly revolve it. We are headquartered in Ipswich, MA but we dispatch our technicians from locations all over the North Shore and Merrimack Valley.

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