Advantages of Zoning Heat

Morris Heating and Air

At Morris Heating & Air Conditioning we all know at least one person in our family or at our place of business that is perpetually desiring a different temperature than the rest of us. In the summer they cuddle under a blanket when the air conditioning chills them and in the winter they layer on sweaters and scarves to shake the cold. There has got to be a better way to deal with this that adds convenience, energy savings and provides for temperature comfort for everyone in your family or at the office. The answer is zoning heat.

Zoning heat can solve many common problems of controlling temperature throughout your home or business. Imagine, for example, being able to keep everyone in your family or business comfortable and happy in the temperature that suits them. In fact, the advantages go far beyond comfort and may result in cost savings, conservation of energy and convenience for family members or co-workers. Let’s explore the top benefits of zoned heating for you or your business.

  • Comfort – First and foremost, homeowners and business owners alike want people to be comfortable. With zoned heating people who are always hot or always cold can easily adjust their “zone” to their comfort level. Depending upon how the home or business is split there can be multiple zones of heat that can accommodate warmer areas and cooler areas. For example, many second floors tend to run warmer due to heat rising. Being able to adjust the level of heat needed can be a huge advantage especially in the winter.
  • Conservation and Cost Savings – Studies show, adding zoning to your existing HVAC system can save you up to 30% on your monthly utility bill! This translates into a huge cost savings. In addition, zoning is a method of “going green” because there is a method to control the energy output in rooms or areas that are not currently in use. Zoning can also cut back on usage in areas that have the benefit of sun exposure for heat. This way there is little to no waste in rooms that are rarely used or in areas that need less heating.
  • Convenience – Zoned heating and cooling means that there is not far to go to control the temperature as each room or zone has its own control panel. Add to this the possibility of using a remote control that can easily adjust the air temperature needs with the click of a button and it can’t get much more convenient.

Are you considering converting from central heating to zoned heating? Mitsubishi Electric’s ductless systems are specifically designed to deliver cool and/or warm air directly into specific zones. Flexibility and energy efficiency is amazing. Call Morris Heating and Air Conditioning or click here for more information on how zoning can save you money and make your home more comfortable.

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