New Year, New Plumbing Fixtures!

Renovated bathroom with glass door shower, stand alone tub, and above counter sinks.

Celebrating the new year is fun. From celebrating with friends to getting started on those new year resolutions, there is a lot to do! .


One thing you should not put off this new year is taking the time to upgrade your plumbing fixtures! It is pretty clear that old plumbing fixtures can cost you more money due to constant repairs, and what better way to start the year than with a fresh new look for your plumbing? Here are some of the plumbing fixtures you should consider replacing for the new year.



Your porcelain throne gets a lot of use, no doubt about that, and you will be spending a good portion of your life sitting on that throne. While a trusty toilet can be hard to part with, sometimes it is better to get rid of a toilet rather than keep repairing it.


Signs that you need a new toilet can be as minor as dealing with frequent clogging that always seems to rear its head no matter how many times you run a drain snake down the pipes. In tandem with nasty clogs, you might notice that your toilet does not flush as it used to, and you’re spending a lot on your water bill for a weak flush.


Often, we suggest homeowners replace a toilet if it is older than ten years.Around a decade, toilets can be prone to issues that can be patched up momentarily but will be costly to keep repairing. A sign of age on a toilet is noticeable cracks around the bowl which cause leaks.


Generally, most of these issues are easy to spot, but the best way to get ahead of large bills and costly replacements is regular maintenance. If you schedule an appointment with our team, we can inspect your toilet and tell you if it is a good time to get a replacement.



Nothing beats a warm shower, especially in the winter. But when it comes to an old showerhead, you can have that calm feeling quickly interrupted. Showerheads that show their age can have issues with water pressure and leaks, meaning not only will your shower be an inconsistent experience, but you will also be paying a lot more on your water bill due to an inefficient showerhead.


Often water heaters can cause hard water issues, but improperly maintained showerheads can also have sediment build-up, which can cause hard water problems that will dry out your skin and hair.


With regular maintenance, you can keep your showerhead for a long time, but if you start noticing some of these issues, it is best to look into possible replacements and schedule an inspection with our team.


Sinks And Faucets

A good sink and faucet can last homeowners over a decade with proper maintenance and care. However, with time like other plumbing fixtures, you can notice some issues that clue you that you need to chuck out the old sink and faucet.


If you notice that your sink has constant drainage issues or even a mold problem, our team can take a look to see if the repair will help or if it’s better to get a new sink. With faucets, keep an eye for build up or smelly water, as these are signs of a faucet needing replacement. With both fixtures, do try to keep an eye out for leaks and cracks around the structure.


At Morris Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning we know how important it is to save money and have a home that fits your needs. That is why when you call our team at (978) 961-0338, we are happy to help you fix your plumbing while also keeping your home’s aesthetic intact.