To Duct or Not to Duct?

While deciding whether to add a traditional air conditioning or a ductless air system may not be in the realm of questions that Shakespeare would ask, the question of whether “To Duct or Not to Duct,” is still commonly asked in our line of work. Last week we discussed the advantages of ductless heating and air conditioning for homeowners and businesses. But, how do you know that this technology is something you want for your home?

Here are some top considerations that our clients have mentioned before deciding whether “To Duct or Not to Duct.”

  • Aesthetics – Appearance is often a top concern especially in residential spaces when it comes to adding ductless or traditional heating or cooling units. Homeowners want their interior decor to remain intact or at least not cause massive upheaval in each room. Adding ductwork may have that effect. While adding ductwork means that it will be hidden behind walls, it also means the loss of ceiling height or wall space. Ductless units tend to be small, but traditionally they mount on the wall close to the ceiling. If that is objectionable to you and you are still interested in exploring ductless technology, Mitsubishi has a whole host of products. With ductless you now have choices in color, mounting options, heating and/or cooling combinations and more. Plus, just about every Mitsubishi ductless unit you purchase will be eligible for some kind of rebate due to their excellent energy efficiency.
  • Existing Ducts – Does your home have existing ductwork? Is it in good condition or would it need to be replaced? If you can answer yes to both questions then maybe hooking up to an existing system may be the way to go. If you lack ductwork or have no idea how it was maintained either during your time as homeowner or by previous owners, you may want to investigate ductless.
  • Humidity Issues – Does your home have humidity issues? Does one room tend to get more humid than others? Humidity affects air quality and can be directly correlated to the condition of your ductwork. Mention any humidity issues to your Comfort Advisor when considering any new HVAC system.
  • Zoning – Does your home have uneven heating and cooling? Is there a room that is horribly warm due to an inefficient system, daytime solar heating or other reasons? If so, then ductless may be the option for you since multi-split systems can independently control different cooling and heating needs.

Each home is unique and requires a heating and cooling system specifically designed for that particular home. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to HVAC. Sometimes ductless works great a sunroom, an addition or an entire home…and sometimes a conventional system will be your better choice. To set up a free consultation with Morris Heating and Air Conditioning to help you decide whether “To Duct or Not To Duct.” or to learn more about ductless visit

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