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Lighting & Wiring Services in Essex County

Keeping Your Electrical System Safe to Use

Your electrical system at its core is composed of a number of different wires that connect all of your various components together. These wires are responsible for carrying energy to and from where it’s needed, such as your various outlets, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Whether you have a light fixture that’s malfunctioning and in need of repair, or you have a wiring issue which needs to be fixed to keep your electrical system safe to use, Morris Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with the repair services you need and customer service which truly has your best interests at heart.

At Morris Heating & Air Conditioning, our electricians understand the importance of a dependable electrical system, and we offer repair, installation, knob and tube replacement, and maintenance services which promote a healthier and safer network. When it comes to wiring, we offer thorough inspections and repair services which are designed to solve any problem you have, no matter how large or small it may be. We repair all different types of light fixtures, as well as offer quality installations, inspections, and even replacement when your fixture wears out or simply needs to be replaced. No job is too large or too small, and we always offer the same degree of quality that our company has become known for.

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Wiring Repairs & Installations

If your electrical system is like a human body, then your wires are like the veins and arteries which run all over, carrying blood to the various organs which need it. Wires carry electrical current to various points in your home, including to your outlets, lights, ceiling fans, and any other electric-powered device which is wired directly into your system. So naturally, even small problems can have some serious consequences, including the possibility of injury or even electrical fire.

How do you know you need a wiring repair?

  • Your circuit breakers trip frequently
  • The shielding around your wiring is cracked, frayed, or damaged
  • You have exposed wiring in your home
  • Your lights flicker intermittently
  • Switches or outlets are inexplicably warm to the touch
  • You have antiquated and unsafe knob and tube wiring

Keeping Your Lighting Working Properly

The lights in your home serve a number of important functions. They not only help us to see, which reduces strain on our eyes and keeps them healthy, but they also serve as a part of our décor, with fixtures playing an important role in how our rooms or home looks. This makes both choosing the right lighting and keeping working a critical part of your everyday life. At Morris Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer all types of services for your lighting, including new fixture installation, fixture repair, outdoor lighting services, security lighting, and so much more.

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