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Backup Generator Installation in Essex County

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While our electrical grid is more dependable today than it perhaps has ever been, there will still be times where the power will go out. Outages are a pretty normal part of life, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t disruptive and potentially even damaging to your home and your life. Without power, computers can lose important data and communication connections, refrigerators can’t keep food fresh and safe, and heating and cooling equipment can’t do the job of keeping your home comfortable. And it’s not unheard of for power to go out for hours or even days at a time in extreme cases.

Whether you’re tired of power outages disrupting your life unexpectedly or you simply want to be able to keep your lights on in the event of an emergency, a backup generator installed by the experts at Morris Heating & Air Conditioning can get the job done right. We offer installation, maintenance, and repair of backup generators, including both portable generator systems and standby generators. Whether you’re looking for a permanent power outage solution, a temporary fix you can deploy when you’d like, or the ability to bring a power source on the go, we deliver products which have a reputation for a great experience and your complete and total satisfaction. Plus our installation is held to the highest standards of quality.

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Why Install a Backup Generator?

There are plenty of good reasons to purchase a backup generator, and everyone has their own primary motivation as to why they make the investment in their home. Power stability is one of them—with aging power infrastructure across the country, extreme weather like heat and storms can cause lines to go down or equipment to break. A backup generator can keep your most important devices and appliances running should something happen to public utility grid.

Another reason people are investing in backup generators is because modern generator units can be configured to switch on at a moment’s notice whenever you need them. Standby generators are permanently installed and always waiting for the moment a power outage strikes, when they switch on and provide your home with the power they need. These units are fueled by natural gas, which means they can provide you power for days or even weeks on end, all while requiring very little maintenance or attention.

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