Boost Your Home's Value with Heating and Cooling

Are you considering selling your home and looking for ways to increase your home’s value before putting it on the market?

Consumer Reports ranked home improvements according to return on investment and found that while renovating kitchens and bathrooms remain two of the highest ranked ways to add value to a home, upgrading older model heating and cooling systems can also positively influence the sale.

Why would a new heating and cooling system help sell your home? They’re not pretty. Most are hidden away in the basement and if your heating and cooling system is working correctly, it’s not something you think about. Until it’s not working or you get your monthly gas bill. Then you think about upgrading your system — or selling your home.

Potential buyers will most often choose a home with a new heating and cooling system over a home with older models due to:

  • Lowered Costs – Many house hunters are financially savvy and want to invest in a home that will not become the proverbial “money pit.” Newer heating and cooling systems, especially ductless systems, which are extremely reliable and energy-­efficient, rank high in the “must-haves” of homebuyers. In fact, according to a 2015 survey by the National Association of Home Builders, energy efficient appliances including heating and cooling systems were major selling points on the list of attributes that would most influence a purchase decision.
  • Return on Investment – The good news for home sellers is that upgrading to central or zoned air conditioning and heating adds at least as much value to the house as it costs to install. A spokesman for the Appraisal Institute contends that HVAC improvements can increase a property’s value by up to 10 percent of what the system cost to install.
  • High Tech Features – In our tech driven world today, homeowners expect to have the newest gadgets to make their lives easier. Some high tech features are simply not worth the money due to the quick evolution of technology, but certain devices are. For example, you can never go wrong installing a programmable thermostat (professional installation recommended) and more often than not, rebates are available, so be sure to check MASS Save for the latest information. Updates to heating and cooling systems can be just one step towards having a “smart home” where temperature controls can be set remotely or even from the owner’s computer.
  • Comfort – Living in New England has definite advantages but also poses a wide range of temperature extremes from season to season. While having a beautiful backsplash in the kitchen may wow home buyers upon first walk through, having a reliable heating and cooling system year round may beat out that colorful backsplash when thoughts of heat waves or blizzards enter their decision making process! Comfort, in this case, is king!

At Morris Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning trust us to stay on top of the new trends in heating and cooling technologies. If you want to know more about what we see coming in the HVAC industry in 2017, give us a call!

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