Spring Cleaning Tips

Despite what the temperature might reading outside, according to the calendar, it is officially spring. That means it is time for two things: A break and a cleaning. Spring break has become a very popular time of the year for college students and families to take a vacation. It is also traditionally the time of year when a thorough floor-to-ceiling cleaning is conducted at home. Before taking a break with the family, it might help to take care of the cleaning. These spring cleaning tips can help with that project:

Set a schedule

It will help to set a schedule for the spring cleaning so that everyone in the household will know what is expected of them. Each person will be taking care of their own bedroom and bathroom. The common areas should be a joint cleanup project. Setting a schedule can also help target those persistent problem areas of the house. Is there some room or appliance that always gets skipped over when it is cleaning time? A schedule can lock down that cleaning.

Even if the cleaning is a solitary assignment, then setting a schedule would still be beneficial. It will help to stay on track and make sure the right amount of time for the project is blocked off.

Focus on de-cluttering

Every home has clutter even if that clutter isn’t always visible. A home might look orderly and neat, but what about the kitchen cabinets and bathroom closets? How much clutter has accumulated in those storage areas since the last big cleaning? Any storage area should be considered a “hot zone” for cleaning.

The other extreme would be a home that is overrun with visible clutter. If that is happening, then invest into some plastic bins or baskets. Go through each room and fill up those containers with the clutter that hasn’t been claimed. The choice for everyone in the family is to take possession of the clutter object and put it away or lose it to the trash. Things will get de-cluttered very quickly!

Toss, keep or donate

The best way to de-clutter is to embrace the idea of putting everything in the hand. As every storage area gets emptied, there will be a chance to hold every item and ask the following questions:

1) Is that item still needed?

2) Is that item broken beyond repair?

3) Does that item have any monetary or sentimental value?

The answer to those questions can help sort clutter into three piles: Toss, keep or donate. If the result of all this de-cluttering is overwhelming, then consider hiring a professional junk hauling service to help take it all away. Some of those services might also make charity donation drop offs. That takes care of two items on the list with one call!

One Room at a Time

With spring cleaning, the focus should be on one room at a time. Vacuuming the whole house and then circling back to pick up clutter isn’t efficient. When entering a room to clean, plan on staying there until the place is spotless. To help with that goal, it is recommended to bring everything needed to clean into that room. All of the cleaning supplies should be in a bucket or carry bin.

• Clean from Top to Bottom

When tackling a spring cleaning it is best to work from top to bottom. It might have been a while since the last dusting or vacuuming of the ceiling corners. If there are spiderwebs, then that is where they will be found. Cleaning from the top to bottom will literally bring everything down to the floor where the last act will be vacuuming or moping.

• Get a Good Vacuum

Speaking of vacuuming, how old is the current vacuum? It might be time to invest in a new machine. At the very least the old vacuum should be cleaned before starting the project. That vacuum should be taken outside to empty the bag and wipe down the fixtures. If investing in a new vacuum, then look for one that is HEPA certified to provide filtering when cleaning.

• Tackle the Fridge

It might help to break up the spring cleaning over the course of a weekend. Tackling the kitchen could be an all-day project by itself. The most important zone to clean in the kitchen is the refrigerator and freezer. This is when all those forgotten leftovers and the crusty condiments will be discovered. Check the expiration date on everything including the items in the freezer. Once everything has been removed, the entire appliance can be wiped down.

• Don’t Forget the Windows

The reason why this kind of cleaning happens in the spring is to throw open the windows to let out the stale winter air and let in the fresh spring air. Before opening those windows, they should be given a good cleaning, too. Consider investing in a squeegee to prevent streaks.

• Clean Air Vents

Finally, the air vents should be cleaned out by a professional. All that hard work cleaning a home will be for nothing if dust from the vents gets circulated back into the room. Here’s where hiring Morris Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can be a big help. They’ll be able to get deep into those vents to remove the accumulated dust and dander. While they’re at it, Morris Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can also inspect the home’s HVAC systems to make sure they’ll be ready for the climate change.